Hello! My name is PaDi and I’m a Yellow Bean Duck. I started life as a little mascot for the English team of Pay Diamond, which is how I got my name. Being a mascot was exciting, because it meant I got to travel and meet new people, and see interesting things.

Now I am a travelling duck! I have been to so many exciting places in the last year, riding on trains, planes, boats and buses – accompanied by my mom and dad who are not ducks (which is a good thing because Bean Ducks are not very accomplished fliers), so I do need a bit of help to get around. Besides, when I get tired I can have a nap in my mom’s pocket or in her bag…

I am going to share some of my stories with you, in the hopes that I can entertain you and maybe even inspire you to do a little travelling of your own. It’s a big world out there, and so many miles of smiles to experience. New faces, new places… Most of the people I have met have been very happy to meet me too, except for one grumpy policeman in Milan, Italy. Maybe he was grumpy because he had to wear funny purple striped breeches, but I thought they were cool. Oh well, I didn’t really worry that the policeman didn’t want to say hello because his horse liked me!

So come along for the ride, it’s probably gonna be a bit off the wall at times, but it’s gonna be fun! See you in the next installment of my Yellow Duck Diaries…

In the meantime you can follow me on Twitter @PadiDidIt

Big Quacks

PaDi xx

PaDi with two other ducks, photographed at the Giant Ferris Wheel at the Vienna Prater

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